Watervliet Police Department

“On behalf of the members of the Watervliet Police Department, I welcome you to our website.

Our 25-member agency is committed to professional, transparent law enforcement services that provide a safe community to live, work and visit.

In addition to law enforcement services, we are dedicated to strong community partnerships, delivered with the highest degree of ethics that build public trust and confidence.

Click around to learn more about WPD’s programs, staffing and resources.”

-Joseph L. Centanni
Chief of Police

Chief Centanni Photo Watervliet Police Department

Proudly Serving Since 1870

The Watervliet Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency serving the City of Watervliet, New York. The department’s executive team is lead by a Chief of Police and a Lieutenant. Patrol sergeants and detective sergeants serve as the department’s first-line supervisors and all share responsibility in a myriad of cross-functional duties. Several police officers, including detectives, field intelligence officers, public information officers, evidence technicians, animal control officers, and a traffic-safety officer round out the department’s sworn-staff. Non-sworn members consist of a confidential assistant, crossing guards and traffic light engineers. The department is separated into three core divisions; Operations (Patrol), Criminal Investigations Unit, and Administration.

Operations Division

The Operations Division, or patrol, is broken into three tours of duty:

First Platoon (12 am- 8 am)

Second Platoon (8 am- 4 pm)

Third Platoon (4 pm- 12 am)

Patrol officers are deployed on foot, bicycle and in mobile patrols serving those who live, work and visit Watervliet. Officers assigned to the division serve as the department’s work-horse, handling thousands of calls for service every year. In between responding to calls and proactively patrolling, member’s can also be seen engaging in “Park, Walk, Talk” foot-patrols in and around the neighborhoods of Watervliet.

Investigations & Support Division

The Administration Division contains: The Training Unit, District Attorney/ Discovery Liaison Sergeant, Policy Review Committee.

The confidential assistant to the Chief of Police responsibilities include: Management, Purchasing, Payroll functions.