Frequently Asked Questions

Does the City of Watervliet have a Noise Ordinance?

The City of Watervliet does in fact have a noise ordinance. Chapter 197 of the Watervliet City Code of Ordinances was written with the intent to prevent any unreasonably loud, disturbing, and/or unnecessary noise. Residents are prohibited from performing or enabling acts in which would cause loud, disturbing, and unnecessary noise that would, in turn, disrupt public peace and comfort. Residents are prohibited from operating any device designed to amplify sounds or voices outside any premises or through any opening such as a door or window of said premises, which would disturb public peace or comfort.

Does this include barking dogs?

Residents must ensure any animals in their household do not cause frequent or long-continued noise which disturbs the comfort of persons in the vicinity.


Construction that causes undue noise and disturbance other than between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm on weekdays is prohibited, unless in urgent or emergency situations.

Does the Noise Ordinance take effect at a specific time of day?

The noise ordinance is in effect and can be enforced at any time of day, and is not limited to the evening hours.

Are their repercussions for violating the Noise Ordinance?

In order for legal recourse to result, such noise must be detrimental to the life or health of any individual or must be contrary to public welfare. If so, an appearance ticket can be issued to the individual violating the said ordinance. The violator would be scheduled to appear in Watervliet City Court. Potential fines shall not exceed $500.