Age: 44
Years of Service: 10 Years
End of Watch: April 20, 1973

Patrolman Donald L. Kimmey

End of Watch: Thursday, September 13, 1973

On April 20, 1973, Officer Donald Kimmey responded to a call for a disturbance in the city. While effecting an arrest, Officer Kimmey was struck in the head and chest area resulting in lingering chest pain for several months. On September 13, while undergoing surgery for his chest injury, Officer Kimmey died.

Officer Kimmey honorably served the Watervliet Police Department from 1963 to his death on September 13, 1973.

On May 21, 2008, Officer Kimmey’s ultimate sacrifice was honored when he was included on the State of New York Police Officer Memorial located at the State Remembrance Ceremony.

Patrolman Leo J. Garrahan

Age: 28
Years of Service: 6 Years
End of Watch: August 2, 1930

Patrolman Leo J. Garrahan

End of Watch: Thursday, August 28, 1930

While Officer Garrahan was conducting a transport of a prisoner in the side car of his motorcycle, the prisoner removed Officer Garrahan’s firearm from his holster and shot the officer several times. On August 28, 1930, several months after sustaining his injuries, Officer Garrahan died.

Officer Garrahan honorably served the Watervliet Police Department for six years.

Chief of Police Michael E. Corbett

Age: 47
Years of Service: 22.5 years
End of Watch: Nov. 15, 1922

Chief of Police Michael E. Corbett

End of Watch: Wednesday, November 15, 1922

On November 11, 1922, officers responded to McKeever’s Store, located at 13th Street at 6th Avenue for a reported robbery. Upon arrival, a witness stated the suspect, Henry Tucker, fled toward Troy.

On November 13, Chief Corbett, Captain Broderick and Officer Connors responded to the City of Troy in search of Henry Tucker. Shortly after their search began, the Watervliet Police Department was notified that Chief Corbett and Henry Tucker were involved in a physical confrontation near River Street which resulted in Chief Corbett being shot in the abdomen and Tucker shot twice in the head.

On November 15, Chief Corbett died from his injuries.

Chief Corbett honorably served the Watervliet Police Department for 22.5 years.