Community Resource Officer

We have designated six Police Officers as Community Resource Officers. The goal of the Watervliet Police Department is to reduce crime, and enhance the “quality of life”. Community Resource Officers (C.R.O.’s) work as liaisons between the public and the Police Department in helping to resolve community problems.
The city will be split up and each officer will act as a conduit between each neighborhood and the PD. watervliet police community resourse officer map
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Zone 1 - Ptl. Tim Burns ( ( 518-270-3833 ext 360)
(1st Street North to 5th Street [even numbers on 5th street], from Broadway west to up to and including 9th ave).

Zone 2 - Sgt. Leroy Penn ( (518-270-3833 ext 359)
(5th Street [odd side] north up to and including 9th Street, Broadway west up to and including 9th ave)

Zone 3 - Ptl. John Connors ( (518-270-3833 ext 366)
(10th Street north up to 16th Street, Broadway west to 12th ave)

Zone 4 - Ptl. John Yerry ( (518-270-3833 ext 361)
(6th ave west to Essepian Ave [city line], 16th Street north to 26th Street)

Zone 5 - Ptl Mike Harrington ( (518-270-3833 ext 356)
(Broadway west to 6th ave, 16th Street north to 26th Street [includes Daniel Quinn apts])

Zone 6 - (Not Shown On Map) - Ptl Evangelista Negron ( (518-270-3833 ext 357) (MJ Day, Edward Joslin, and Van Rennselaer Village complexes of the Watervliet Housing Authority)